Une enfance en danger. La leçon des vidéo-films nigérians

Ugochukwu, Francoise (2011). Une enfance en danger. La leçon des vidéo-films nigérians. In: Ouedraogo, Jean ed. Figuration et mémoire dans les cinémas africains. Paris: Groupe L'Harmattan, pp. 151–161.

URL: http://www.editions-harmattan.fr/index.asp?navig=c...


Within the last ten years, Nigerian video-films experienced a tremendous boom and critics can no longer ignore this production. This in turn led to a growing number of publications focusing on particular aspects and themes of these films. The study of childhood has been conspicuously absent from these publications; the present comparative study, based on some twenty films, considers the place they give to children, their role and stories, and the message of the various storylines.

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