A platform for semantic web studies

d'Aquin, Mathieu; Allocca, Carlo and Motta, Enrico (2010). A platform for semantic web studies. In: WebSci10: Extending the Frontiers of Society On-Line, 26-27 Apr 2010, Raleigh, NC, USA.

URL: http://journal.webscience.org/366/


The Semantic Web can be seen as a large, heterogeneous network of ontologies and semantic documents. Characterizing these ontologies, the way they relate and the way they are organized can help in better understanding how knowledge is produced and published online. It also provides new ways to explore and exploit this large collection of ontologies. In this paper, we present the foundation of a research platform for characterizing the Semantic Web, relying on the collection of ontologies and the functionalities provided by the Watson Semantic Web search engine. We more specifically focus on formalizing and monitoring relationships between ontologies online, considering a variety of different relations (similarity, versioning, agreement, modularity) and how they can help us obtaining meaningful overviews of the current state of the Semantic Web.

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