Omenuko ou le repentir d'un marchand d'esclaves

Ugochukwu, Francoise (2010). Omenuko ou le repentir d'un marchand d'esclaves. Karthala.


The first ever published translation, in French with an introduction and copious notes, of the first igbo novel, published by Pita Nwana in 1933. This is the rags to riches tale inspired by the life of an Igbo Warrant Chief, Chief Igwegbe Odum (1860?-1940) from Aro Ndizuogu, who works his way out of poverty into immense wealth, but when tested by a mishap in which he loses all his goods, sells his load carriers and apprentices into slavery to buffer himself, only to later regret this, redress the damage, redeem the people he sold and spread his wealth around the community. This novel can be considered as having inspired Achebe's Things Fall Apart (1958).

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