Too much too young? Young people, sexual media and learning

Bragg, Sara and Buckingham, David (2009). Too much too young? Young people, sexual media and learning. In: Attwood, Feona ed. Mainstreaming Sex: The Sexualization of Western Culture. London: I. B. Tauris, pp. 129–146.


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This book uncovers the significant impact that striptease culture is having on our media, relationships, educational and working lives. It is a welcome and much needed book. Western culture is exhibiting its fascination with sex in new, often surprising ways. Pole dancing is a form of keep fit, porn stars find work as agony aunts, pornography itself is just "a mouse click away," and phone sex, email affairs and cybersex are now part of our everyday lives. This sexualization of modern culture is the subject widely discussed here. In original chapters, the contributors confront the reality that in all aspects of social and cultural life, sex is being "mainstreamed." They explore film, print and online pornographies, representations of masturbation in film and television, supersexualized advertising, and problem page sex. They also examine young people's views of sex in mainstream media; women's use of sexual media in the home, pole dancing as exercise and performance and third wave feminism and the sexualization debate.

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