After a career break: supporting women returning to ICT

Herman, Clem (2011). After a career break: supporting women returning to ICT. International Journal of Gender Science and Technology, 3(2) pp. 536–543.



This is a case study of an initiative to support women returning to ICT after a career break, which was run in the UK and Ireland between 2005 and 2011.The article starts by outlining how the UK government’s concern about women failing return to SET careers led to the setting up of a national campaign (RETURN) to address this issue. A brief overview of previous research about women’s reasons for leaving ICT employment and the difficulties and barriers they encounter in returning to work, sets the context for the development of the online course Return to SET. An outline of the course and its innovative support model is then described followed by a discussion about measurement of impact and concluding with some suggestions for future development

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