Framing action analytics and putting them to work

Norris, Donald; Leonard, Joan; Pugliese, Louis; Baer, Linda and Lefrere, Paul (2008). Framing action analytics and putting them to work. EDUCAUSE Review, 43(1)



This article is a companion piece to the article “Action Analytics: Measuring and Improving Performance That Matters in Higher Education,” which describes the emergence of a new generation of tools, solutions, and behaviors that are giving rise to more powerful and effective utilities through which colleges and universities can measure performance and provoke pervasive actions to improve it.1 We call this new class of tools, solutions, and behaviors action analytics.2 The “Action Analytics” article provides examples of emerging analytics applications, as well as explanations of how open architecture technologies are lending themselves to a “cloud” of fresh applications and solutions that are not held hostage to the existing “stack” of ERP and other enterprise applications. The article also describes the imperative to change organizational capacity, culture, and behavior and to invent new measures and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are more appropriate to the new skills and habits of mind existing in our “flattening,” fast-changing world.

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