Videoconferencing in open learning

Tomadaki, Eleftheria; Quick, Kevin A. and Scott, Peter J. (2008). Videoconferencing in open learning. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, article no. 8.



This paper discusses the use of videoconferencing as a tool to enhance collaboration amongst online learners in an open learning context. We present quantitative data from a longitudinal study of naturalistic videoconferencing interactions held via the FM videoconference tool, indicating its global use. The case study presented is analysed according to an instructional framework for collaborative learning in computer-supported learning environments applied on an open learning environment, indicating how videoconferencing can indeed encourage collaborative group work in the study of open content. A variety of communities have used the tool worldwide to connect with colleagues or co-learners in moderated or peer-to-peer events. As only a few of them related their meetings with open educational resources provided in the environment, we wish to give some insights into how further integration of the tool in the environment may increase its use in combination with the material provided.

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