Symbolic interactionism

Di Domenico, MariaLaura and Phillips, Nelson (2008). Symbolic interactionism. In: Bailey, J. and Clegg, S. eds. International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies. London, UK: Sage.



[About the book]:

The International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies is a definitive description of the field, spanning individual, organizational, societal, and cultural perspective in a cross-disciplinary manner. Editors Stewart R. Clegg and James R. Bailey have sought to capture much of the cutting-edge thinking that characterizes the best scholarship internationally. The Encyclopedia is thoroughly cross-referenced and entries are based around a series of broad themes.

Key Features

- Offers a comprehensive overview of many of the major ideas, concepts, terms, and approaches that characterise this diverse field of organization studies

- Illustrates the fluidity, dynamism, and innovation that now occur in organization studies-internationally

- Brings together a team of international contributors from the fields of: Management, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Education, Political Science, Public Administration, Anthropology, Law and other related areas.

- Examines how organizations are devices for structuring life and lives are structured by organizations

Key themes include:

organization; careers; struture; design; communications; cultures; diversity; innovation; change; strategy; power; leadership; learning; knowledge; ethics; theory; research; conflict; politics

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