The AKARI deep fields: early results from multi-wavelength follow-up campaigns

Sedgwick, C.; Serjeant, S.; Sirothia, S.; Pal, S.; Pearson, C.; White, G.; Matsuhara, H.; Matsuhara, S.; Shirahata, M. and Khan, S. (2009). The AKARI deep fields: early results from multi-wavelength follow-up campaigns. In: Onaka, Takashi; White, Glenn; Nakagawa, Takao and Yamamura, Issei eds. AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, 418. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, p. 519.



We present early results from our multi-wavelength follow-up campaigns of the AKARI Deep Fields at the North and South Ecliptic Poles. We summarize our campaigns in this poster paper, and present three early outcomes. (a) Our AAOmega optical spectroscopy of the Deep Field South at the AAT has observed over 550 different targets, and our preliminary local luminosity function at 90 ?m from the first four hours of data is in good agreement with the predictions from Serjeant & Harrison (2005). (b) Our GMRT 610 MHz imaging in the Deep Field North has reached ?30 ?Jy RMS, making this among the deepest images at this frequency. Our 610 MHz source counts at >200 ?Jy are the deepest ever derived at this frequency. (c) Comparing our GMRT data with our 1.4 GHz WSRT data, we have found two examples of radio-loud AGN that may have more than one epoch of activity.

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