Semantic Web in ubiquitous mobile communications

Zhdanova, Anna V.; Li, Ning and Moessner, Klaus (2009). Semantic Web in ubiquitous mobile communications. In: Ma, Zongmin and Wang, Huaiqing eds. The Semantic Web for Knowledge and Data Management. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, pp. 266–287.



The world becomes ubiquitous, and mobile communication platforms become oriented towards integration with the web, getting benefits from the large amount of information available there, and creation of the new types of value-added services. Semantic and ontology technologies are seen as being able to advance the seamless integration of the mobile and the Web worlds. We provide background information on the Semantic Web field, discuss other research fields that bring semantics into play for reaching the ontology-enabled ubiquitous mobile communication vision, and exemplify the state of the art of ontology development and use in telecommunication projects.

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