AKARI/IRC deep survey in the North Ecliptic Pole region

Wada, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Oyabu, S.; Takagi, T.; Lee, H. M.; Im, M.; Ohyama, Y.; Goto, T.; Pearson, C. P.; White, G. J.; Serjeant, S.; Wada, K. and Hanami, H. (2008). AKARI/IRC deep survey in the North Ecliptic Pole region. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 60(SP2) S517-S529.

URL: http://pasj.asj.or.jp/v60/v60sp2.html


We have made adeep and wide imaging survey with all nine AKARI/IRC bands from 2 to 24 μm within ahalf degree of the North Ecliptic Pole. The survey covered acircular area of 0.38deg2 centered at RA = 17h56m, Dec = 66°37' where adeep optical multi-band survey has been conducted by Subaru/Suprime-Cam. The 5σ sensitivity of the survey for point sources is 11.0, 48, 117, and 275 μJy at wavelengths 3, 7, 15, and 24 μm, respectively. The survey is limited by sky noise at wavelengths from 7 to 24 μm, and limited by source confusion from 2 to 4 μm. We have also made apoint source catalog at each band, consisting of more than 5000 sources with a 50% completeness limit of 93 μ Jy at 15 μm. Our results are consistent with the pilot survey at faint fluxes and has better statistical significance at the bright fluxes. This is the first near- and mid-infrared sub-mJy extragalactic survey with contiguous wavelength coverage from 2 to 24 μm and a large band-merged catalogue. It will provide powerful and unique diagnostics of obscured star-formation and AGN activities in the galaxies up to z = 2.

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