NoTube – making TV a medium for personalized interaction

Aroyo, Lora; Conconi, Alex; Dietze, Stefan; Kaptein, Annelies; Nixon, Lyndon; Nufer, Christoph; Palmisano, Davide; Vignaroli, Luca and Yankova, Milena (2009). NoTube – making TV a medium for personalized interaction. In: EuroITV2009 - European Interactive TV Conference, 03-05 Jun 2009, Leuven, Belgium.



In this paper, we introduce NoTube’s vision on deploying semantics in interactive TV context in order to contextualize distributed applications and lift them to a new level of service that provides context-dependent and personalized selection of TV content. Additionally, lifting content consumption from a single-user activity to a community-based experience in a connected multi-device environment is central to the project. Main research questions relate to (1) data integration and enrichment - how to achieve unified and simple access to dynamic, growing and distributed multimedia content of diverse formats? (2) user and context modeling - what is an appropriate framework for context modeling, incorporating task-, domain and device-specific viewpoints? (3) context-aware discovery of resources - how could rather fuzzy matchmaking between potentially infinite contexts and available media resources be achieved? (4) collaborative architecture for TV content personalization - how can the combined information about data, context and user be put at disposal of both content providers and end-users in the view of creating extremely personalized services under controlled privacy and security policies? Thus, with the grand challenge in mind - to put the TV viewer back in the driver's seat – we focus on TV content as a medium for personalized interaction between people based on a service architecture that caters for a variety of content metadata, delivery channels and rendering devices.

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