The afterlife of 'living deliverables': angels or zombies?

Wild, Fridolin and Ullmann, Thomas (2010). The afterlife of 'living deliverables': angels or zombies? In: Proceedings of the research 2.0 workshop at The 5th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ECTEL'10), 28 Sep - 01 Oct 2010, Barcelona, Spain.



Within the STELLAR project, we provide the possibility to use living documents for the collaborative writing work on deliverables. Compared to 'normal' deliverables, 'living' deliverables come into existence much earlier than their delivery deadline and are expected to 'live on' after their official delivery to the European Commission. They are expected to foster collaboration. Within this contribution we investigate, how these deliverables have been used over the first 16 months of the project. We therefore propose a set of new analysis methods facilitating social network analysis on publicly available revision history data. With this instrumentarium, we critically look at whether the living deliverables have been successfully used for collaboration and whether their 'afterlife' beyond the contractual deadline had turned them into 'zombies' (still visible, but no or little live editing activities). The results show that the observed deliverables show signs of life, but often in connection with a topical change and in conjunction with changes in the pattern of collaboration.

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