Facilitating change: tablet PC trials across two distance education focused universities

Loch, Birgit and Fisher, Wendy (2010). Facilitating change: tablet PC trials across two distance education focused universities. In: 27th Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Conference (ascilite 2010): Curriculum, Technology & Transformation for an Unknown Future, 5-8 Dec r 2010, Sydney, Australia.

URL: http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/sydney10/in...


This paper reports on initial findings in comparing two distance universities’ approaches to trialling tablet technology to enhance communication between instructors and students. There were different reasons for initiating the trials and different approaches to each of the trials, but there were also some striking similarities. For instance both trials were led from the bottom up, however they were each conducted with no knowledge of the other. Funding for each of these trials was resourced from a university learning and teaching grant/fellowship and both projects used an action research approach. The emphasis for both trials was on pedagogical and technological staff development facilitated and administered through each project leader. The paper gives an overview of how the trials were conducted, what did and did not succeed and what could be improved. Longer lasting outcomes that have been achieved through these projects are described. This comparison is meant to guide and inform change agents and identify good practice in the management of technology trials.

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