Representing Women on Roman sarcophagi

Huskinson, Janet (2002). Representing Women on Roman sarcophagi. In: McClanan, Anne l. and Encarnacion, Karen Rosoff eds. The material culture of sex, procreation and marriage in pre-modern Europe. New York, USA: Palgrave/St Martin's Press, pp. 11–31.



This interdisciplinary anthology takes as its starting point the belief that, as the material grounds of lived experience, material culture provides an avenue of historical access to women's lives, extending beyond the reaches of textual evidence. Studies here range from utilitarian tools used in Late Roman abortion to sacred, magical or ritual objects associated with sex, procreation, and marriage in the Renaissance. Together the essays demonstrate the complex relationship between language and object, and explore the ways in which objects become forms of communication in their own right, transmitting both rather specific messages and more generalized social and cultural values.
Representing Women on Roman Sarcophagi; J.Huskinson
'Weapons to Probe the Womb': The Material Culture of Abortion and Contraception in the Early Byzantine Period; A. McClanan Myth and Magic in Early Byzantine Marriage Jewelry: The Persistence of Pre-Christian Traditions; A.Walker Spinning Yarns: Clean Linen and Domestic Values in Late Medieval French culture; V.Sekules Insecure Borders: Symbols of Clerical Privilege and Gender Ambiguity in the Liturgy of Churching; P.M. Rieder
Relics of a Fertile Heart: The 'Autopsy' of Clare of Montefalco; K.Park Beautiful Brides and Model Mothers: The Devotional and Talismanic Functions of Early Modern Marian Reliefs; G.Johnson Renaissance Household Goddess: Fertility, Politics, and the Gendering of Spectatorship; A.Randolph The Moralized Breast in Early Modern Spain; C.Villaseñor-Black The Proper Uses of Desire: Reproduction and Sexuality in Reformation Anatomical Fugitive Sheets; K.Rosoff Encarnación The Sodomite's Clothes: Gift-Giving and Sexual Excess in Early Modern Germany and Switzerland; H.Puff

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