Toward the multiscale modelling of the musculoskeletal system

Viceconti, Marco; Taddei, Fulvia; Van Sint Jan, Serge; Leardini, Alberto; Clapworthy, Gordon; Domingue, John; Galizia, Stefania and Quadrani, Paolo (2007). Toward the multiscale modelling of the musculoskeletal system. In: Cerrolaza, M. and González, Y. eds. Bioengineering Modeling and Computer Simulation. Barcelona: CIMNE.



A number of large research initiatives (IUPS Physiome, EuroPhysiome, SimBio, etc.) aim to develop computer models of human physiology that span multiple dimensional and temporal scales. The Living Human Project (LHP) is a three-year international collaboration that will develop such multiscale predictive models for the musculoskeletal apparatus. The aim of this paper is to update the reader on the recent progress of this initiative. In particular, we shall report on the development of the Living Human Digital Library, an infrastructure to support the collaboration of multiple research institutions on the LHP. We shall also describe how these complex models can be used to generate subject-specific predictions, which is highly relevant for clinical practice.

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