Gender practices: Steps in the analysis of men and masculinities

Wetherell, Margaret and Edley, Nigel (1998). Gender practices: Steps in the analysis of men and masculinities. In: Henwood, K; Griffin, C and Phoenix, A eds. Standpoints and Differences: Essays in the Practice of Feminist Psychology. Gender and Psychology. London, U.K.: Sage Publications Ltd, pp. 156–173.



In this chapter we want to focus on men and forms of masculinity. Our aim is to explore some of the approaches and concepts which we think should form the basis for an adequate feminist social psychology of masculine identities. We will argue that such a social psychology can draw from recent developments in poststructuralist theory (broadly defined) but must also take as its topic the everyday practical activities of men, and thus must find ways of productively researching masculinities in situ, in context.

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