The identity/action relation

Wetherell, Margaret (2009). The identity/action relation. In: Wetherell, Margaret ed. Theorizing Identities and Social Action. Identity Studies in the Social Sciences. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 1–19.



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How do identities and social action articulate together? This book explores the 'doing' and the 'making' of identity. It describes how identities emerge from the flow of action and organise social conduct. In social research identity is often treated as a static accomplished fact – already owned, finalised and shaped. Drawing on five years of sustained research within the highly innovative ESRC Identities and Social Action Programme, Theorizing Identities and Social Action develops a very different standpoint. The chapter authors take core social actions – such as performing, excluding, mixing, bonding, relating, 'passing', travelling, campaigning and disputing – and demonstrate how social practices and identities unfold together. A wide range of theories of the identity/action relation are accessibly mobilised in ways which will be illuminating for students and experienced researchers alike.

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