Grounding semantic web services with rules

Lambert, David and Domingue, John (2008). Grounding semantic web services with rules. In: 5th Workshop on Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives (SWAP2008), 15-17 Dec 2008, Rome, Italy.



Semantic web services achieve effects in the world through web services, so the connection to those services - the grounding - is of paramount importance. The established technique is to use XML-based translations between ontologies and the SOAP message formats of the services, but these mappings cannot address the growing number of non-SOAP services, and step outside the ontological world to describe the mapping. We present an approach which draws the service's interface into the ontology: we define ontology objects which represent the whole HTTP message, and use backward-chaining rules to translate between semantic service invocation instances and the HTTP messages passed to and from the service. We present a case study using Amazon's popular Simple Storage Service.

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