Older people without children

Reynolds, Jill (2010). Older people without children. In: Understanding ageing: Health, wealth and wellbeing at fifty and beyond, 14-16 Apr 2010, Oxford, UK, Centre for Longitudinal Studies.

URL: ttp://www.cls.ioe.ac.uk/events.asp?section=0001000...


There is a shortage of qualitative longitudinal data on the experience in ageing of people without children
Some areas to explore
- How do childless older people make sense of their lives?
- What markers of time are used?
- Are patterns of sense-making gendered?
- How are agency and choice worked with?
- What expectations or plans do they express about personal care?
- Differences or similarities in the talk on care needs of childless and the talk of those who have children?
- Annual routines used to maintain contact?
- Sense of legacy?

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