Music at Key Stage 4

Haughton, James and Spruce, Gary (2007). Music at Key Stage 4. In: Philpott, Chris and Spruce, Gary eds. Learning to Teach Music in the Secondary School: a Companion to School Experience (2nd ed). Learning to Teach Subjects in the Secondary School Series. London: Routledge Falmer, pp. 55–69.



From its inception, the GCSE in music has provided opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in performing, composing, listening and appraising. This chapter provides an outline of the requirements for the GCSE in music, and illustrates how those requirements, detailed in Awarding Body specifications, can be made accessible, engaging and challenging for students.

The chapter is in four parts. In the first part we look at the generic structure and specification contents. In the second we consider issues in relation to assessment systems. The third part considers ways in which the different elements of the course can be taught in an integrated way, whilst the final section looks at issues such as recruitment and 14-16 courses other than GCSE which also include music.

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