Poetry teachers: teachers who read and readers who teach poetry

Cremin, Teresa (2010). Poetry teachers: teachers who read and readers who teach poetry. In: Styles, Morag; Joy, Louise and Whitley, David eds. Poetry and Childhood. London: Trentham.

URL: http://www.trentham-books.co.uk/acatalog/Poetry_an...


Drawing upon data from the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) project Teachers as Readers: Building Communities of Readers: Phase II, this chapter focuses on the synergies between teachers' and children's engagement in poetry at the primary phase. It highlights the importance of widening teachers' knowledge and pleasure in poetry and reveals the advantages that can accrue when teachers share a developing love of poetry with younger learners. This research confirms US studies which show that 'Reading Teachers; teachers who read and readers who teach' (Commeyras, Bisplingoff and Olson, 2003:161) offer active and strategic support to child readers. It also reveals that teachers who read poetry for their own pleasure and who teach poetry – Poetry Teachers – can make a marked difference to children's knowledge, experience and delight in poetry and poetic language.

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