Corporate sponsorship and partnerships

Schaefer, Anja (2006). Corporate sponsorship and partnerships. In: Mordaunt, Jill and Paton, Rob eds. Thoughtful Fundraising: Concepts, Issues and Perspectives. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 100–111.



Corporate sponsorship and partnerships are becoming an increasingly important source of funding for charities, as they receive fewer funds from traditional individual and corporate giving and from government sources. Charities also often feel that they can better influence corporate behaviour if they work in partnership with industry, rather than in opposition to it.

While these are good and important reasons for charities to pursue corporate sponsorship and partnership arrangements there are also dangers associated with such a course of action. If arrangements do not work, either because inappropriate partners have been chosen or because the partnership has not been well managed on either or both sides, considerable damage to a charity's reputation may be sustained. In order to choose the right partners, use sponsorship and partnership arrangements to best advantage and avoid the pitfalls associated with them, fundraisers need a good understanding of the reasons why corporations enter such arrangements.

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