Will technology enhanced learning ever deliver 'genuine' innovation?

Scott, Peter (2004). Will technology enhanced learning ever deliver 'genuine' innovation? In: K2 Summit: Knowledge sharing and looking at the future, 20-21 Sep 2004.

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I have chosen a provocative thesis to consider at the culmination of the K2 programme based on the argument that much of the research work we are engaged in today is a strong echo of the work that we were engaged in a decade ago.

That is, not “genuinely” innovative.

The argument suggests that we are recreating and reinforcing our existing learning models and missing the opportunity to change and improve how our students learn.
Regardless of where you stand in such a debate, the argument at least provides you with the opportunity to assess the potential for change offered by new technologies and to look for examples that refute it – genuinely innovative case studies that can come out of the laboratory and be robustly applied. The examples we can find help us to frame the key research and design challenges for the ‘technology’ in TEL. Also they oblige us to honestly assess how we know if our R&D effort is making a difference?

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