John Bunyan,'The Pilgrim's Progress'

Owens, W.R. ed. (2003). John Bunyan,'The Pilgrim's Progress'. Oxford World's Classics. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.



A scholarly edition of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.
The only complete text in paperback, including all the marginal notes of the original, in original spelling.
The first edition to include all the original illustrations to appear in editions printed in Bunyan's lifetime, thus giving a unique sense of the experience of the book for it contemporary readers. The Introduction includes sections on Bunyan's life and times; allegory; the Bible; literature and theology; social satire and endurance under persecution. Includes a chronology of Bunyan's life and times, a bibliography of works about Bunyan, full explanatory notes, a glossary of unfamiliar words, and an index to the text.

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