The launch of the Centaur

Paton, Rob (1988). The launch of the Centaur. In: Paton, Rob ed. Organisations: Cases, Issues and Concepts. Thousand Oaks, CA, U.S.: Sage Publications, pp. 17–21.


This case study has been reconstructed from some of the material contained in an internal company report. For obvious reasons the motor manufacturer and the individuals concerned have been disguised. Centaur is the name of the new model, and is also used to refer to the assembly facility which produces it. The Centaur is a replacement for the Paravel, and is being produced in a brand new section of the Workville Plant which also produces the Taurus and is one of a number of plants across the country. In dealing with problems, managers involved in producing Centaur have to liaise with specialist support services, either elsewhere on the large Workville site or based at the Company's administrative centre. The report was prepared by a member of one such specialist department.

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