Towards a parametric ontology modularization framework based on graph transformation

d'Aquin, Mathieu; Doran, Paul; Motta, Enrico and Tamma, Valentina (2007). Towards a parametric ontology modularization framework based on graph transformation. In: 2nd International Workshop on Modular Ontologies (WoMO 2007), 28 Oct 2007, Whistler, Canada.



Several tools and techniques have been proposed recently for extracting modules from ontologies. Being focused on some particular application scenario, modularization tools generally rely on their own definitions and intuitions about modularity. In this paper, it is proposed that these different techniques be expressed under a common framework.
As most of the existing approaches rely on the traversal of the graph underlying the ontology to harvest relevant entities and axioms, the framework chosen is based on graph transformation. An abstract model for representing ontologies as attributed graphs is described, along with the reformulation of existing module extraction techniques as graph transformation rules. The ultimate goal of this work is to build a parametric modularization tool, enabling application developers to easily compare, apply and combine different approaches for module extraction, or even
create entirely new techniques.

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