FABilT – finding answers in a billion triples

d'Aquin, Mathieu; Lopez, Vanessa and Motta, Enrico (2008). FABilT – finding answers in a billion triples. In: The 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008), 26-30 Oct 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany.


This submission presents the application of two coupled systems to the Billion Triples Challenge. The first system (Watson) provides the infrastructure which allows the second one (PowerAqua) to pose natural language queries to the billion triple datasets. Watson is a gateway to the Semantic Web: it crawls and indexes semantic data online to provide a variety of access mechanisms for human users and applications.We show here how we indexed most of the datasets provided for the challenge, thus obtaining an infrastructure (comprising web services, API, web interface, etc.) which supports the exploration of these datasets and makes them available to any Watson-based application. PowerAqua is an open domain question answering system which allows users to pose natural language queries to large scale collections of heterogeneous semantic data. In this paper, we discuss the issues we faced in configuring
PowerAqua and Watson for the challenge and report on our results. The system composed of Watson and PowerAqua, and applied to the Billion Triples Challenge, is called FABilT.

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