myPlanet: an ontology driven Web based personalised news service

Kalfoglou, Yannis; Domingue, John; Motta, Enrico; Vargas-Vera, Maria and Buckingham Shum, Simon (2001). myPlanet: an ontology driven Web based personalised news service. Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2001 pp. 44–52.



In this paper we present myPlanet, an ontology driven personalised Web-based service. We extended the existing infrastructure of the PlanetOnto news publishing system. Our concerns were mainly to provide lightweight means for ontology maintenance and ease the access to repositories of news items, a rich resource for information sharing. We reason about the information being shared by providing an ontology-driven interest-profiling tool which enable users to specify their interests. We also developed ontology-driven heuristics to find news items related to users� interests. This paper argues for the role of ontology-driven personalised Web-based services in information sharing.

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