Creativity in Schools: Tensions and Dilemmas

Craft, A (2005). Creativity in Schools: Tensions and Dilemmas. Abingdon: Routledge.



The author considers a wide variety of issues and perspectives raised by a new attention on creativity. The book is divided into three sections that focus on: the challenges of fostering creativity in schools; the problems of separating creativity from values; and, the implications for liberal education.

Questions raised and considered include: to what extent is creativity a tool; is creativity determined by its subject context; can the demise of creativity be attributed to the technicization of teaching; is there a universal concept of creativity or is it limited by its cultural specificity; how appropriate is the implication that creativity is a good thing for the economy, for society and for education, without reflection on the consequences (i.e. the "throw away" society); and how can teachers encourage students to evaluate the effect of their choices on others.

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