Creativity and Education Futures: Learning in a Digital Age

Craft, Anna (2010). Creativity and Education Futures: Learning in a Digital Age. Stoke-on-Trent, UK: Trentham Books.



The extent and rapidity of economic, social, technological, scientific, spiritual and environmental change means that children today grow up facing uncertainties and possibilities on an unprecedented scale.

What kinds of education are appropriate when the possible futures that exist for children are so uncertain and so rapidly advancing? Where learning occurs in a Web 2.0 social environment as naturally as it does in the playground, playing field, front room or street?

Where adults may continue to play and experiment far beyond their childhood in ways unimaginable even thirty years ago? Where creativity is increasingly both possible and expected of young people?
Drawing on the ideas of 'wise creativity' and 'collective possibility thinking', this book explores the changing nature of society, childhood and youth and asks how education might need to change in response. How can education facilitate wise collective creativity which anticipates and constructs the future?

This book discusses approaches to constructing imaginative educational futures which hear all voices, those of students, parents and professionals. Creativity and Education Futures will be of interest to those engaged in grappling with the messy and difficult task of transforming education, including those developing approaches to creative partnership.

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