Reflection on the future of knowledge portals

Dzbor, Martin; Motta, Enrico; Uren, Victoria; Lei, Yuangui and Domingue, John (2004). Reflection on the future of knowledge portals. SIGSEMIS Bulletin, 1(2) pp. 32–36.



In this paper we contend the traditional view of a knowledge portal as a centralized repository for accessing large-scale corporate resources. Instead we argue there is a need to consider approaches that are more open-ended. Open-endedness does not necessarily mean to surrender the control over the content of knowledge repositories. We use this concept in terms of being end user centred and lightweight.

The core of our argument focuses on data interpretation, and argues that ontology for interpreting data is too restrictive if used for structuring the KM portal. Our approach aims to enable interpretation of data and access to documents from essentially any relevant resource existing in the Intra- or Internet. Rather than pulling the user to the knowledge portal, we suggest giving KM a task of enabling the user to pull appropriate and semantically relevant knowledge from wherever they currently are, yet using the rich and potentially restricted organizational resources.

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