Mediation of semantic web services in IRS-III

Cabral, Liliana and Domingue, John (2005). Mediation of semantic web services in IRS-III. In: International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2005), 12 Dec 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Business applications composed of heterogeneous distributed components or Web services need mediation to resolve data and process mismatches at runtime. This paper describes mediation in IRS-III, a framework and platform for developing WSMO-based Semantic Web Services. We present our approach to mediation within Semantic Web Services and highlight the role of WSMO mediator types when solving mismatches at the semantic level between a service requester and a service provider. We describe the components of our mediation framework and how it can handle data, goal and process mediation during the activities of selection, composition and invocation of Semantic Web Services.

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