Spatial integration of Semantic Web Services: the e-Merges approach

Tanasescu, Vlad; Gugliotta, Alessio; Domingue, John; Gutiérrez Villarías, Leticia; Davies, Rob; Rowlatt, Mary; Richardson, Marc and Stin?i?, Sandra (2006). Spatial integration of Semantic Web Services: the e-Merges approach. In: Terra Cognita 2006, 6 Nov 2006, Athens, Georgia, USA.



As Semantic Web Services (SWS) are becoming a more mature technology, the question of their integration into the web landscape is pushed to the foreground. In a world where it is believed that up to 80% of data has a geographical component, one in which new web maps applications recently show tremendous growth, and in which of course we constantly think and act in terms of movement and geographic features, integration into the spatial domain appears as an essential step toward wide-scale adoption of SWS technology. However, geographic space, as a unique but all encompassing domain has specificities that semantic descriptions must acknowledge. Furthermore, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) need to adapt to human cognitive abilities of spatial representation and reasoning. In this context, e-Merges, an emergency management application prototype developed in collaboration with emergency planners of public agencies, is an ongoing effort to integrate SWS technology in a GIS environment, by applying the SWS notions of goal and context based interaction.

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