Supporting the creation of semantic RESTful service descriptions

Maleshkova, Maria; Pedrinaci, Carlos and Domingue, John (2009). Supporting the creation of semantic RESTful service descriptions. In: 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2009), 25-29 Oct 2009, Washington D.C., USA.


Research on semantic Web services (SWS) has been devoted to reduce the extensive manual eort required for manipulating Web services by enhancing them with semantic information. Recently, the world around services on the Web, thus far limited to "classical" Web services based on SOAP and WSDL, has significantly evolved with the proliferation of Web applications and APIs, often referred to as RESTful Web services. However, despite their success, RESTful services are currently facing similar limitations to those identified for traditional Web service technologies and present even further difficulties, such as the lack of machine-processable service descriptions. In order to address these challenges and to enable the wider adoption of RESTful service technologies, we advocate an integrated lightweight approach for formally describing semantic RESTful services. The approach is based on the use of the hRESTS (HTML for RESTful Services) and MicroWSMO microformats, which enable the creation of machine-readable service descriptions and the addition of semantic annotations, correspondingly. Finally, we present SWEET - Semantic Web sErvices Editing Tool - which effectively supports users in creating semantic descriptions of RESTful services based on the aforementioned technologies.

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