Piloting PIVOT: The Professional Identity and Values Organisation Tool

Cooper, Barry and Pickering, Maggie (2009). Piloting PIVOT: The Professional Identity and Values Organisation Tool. The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

URL: http://www.open.ac.uk/pbpl/activities/details/deta...


PIVOT was piloted between March and September 2008 with a small number of tutors and students on the social work programme in one region in England. The project involved the creation and trialling of a suite of reflective activities based upon Personal Construct Psychology. The project and activities had a number of aims:

1. to help students to access their own constructs of learning

2. to facilitate an individual enquiry into personal and professional values

3. to offer an opportunity to identify and envision a desired future of specific learning aims arising from these explorations

4. to develop a scale of movement and action plan to realise these learning aims

5. to explore the potential for enhancement of the programme tutor role

The PIVOT activities were successfully piloted and evaluated and are being developed in different forms to be further available to students and tutors.

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