Special Issue of Theatre Research International: The Commedia dell'Arte

Katritzky, M. A. (1998). Special Issue of Theatre Research International: The Commedia dell'Arte. Cambridge University Press.

URL: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayIssue?...


A guest-edited issue of the journal "Theatre Research International" (vol.23, issue 2, Summer 1998). Selected papers delivered at the conference "Commedia dell'Arte: actors and artists" (Wimbledon School of Art, 9-10 May 1996), introduced by the guest editor:
M A Katritzky, "The Commedia dell'Arte, an introduction";
M A Katritzky, "Was commedia dell'arte performed by mountebanks: Album amicorum illustrations and Thomas Platter's description of 1598";
Maria Ines Aliverti: "An unknown portrait of Tiberio Fiorilli";
Jonathan Marks: "The charlatans of the Pont-Neuf";
Cesare Molinari: "Actor-authors of the commedia dell'arte: the dramatic writings of Flaminio Scala and Giambattista Andreini";
Virginia Scott: "La virtu et la volupte. Models for the actress in early modern Italy and France";
Bent Holm: "Harlequin, Holberg and the (In)visible masks: commedia dell'arte in eighteenth-century Denmark";
Michael Anderson: "The idea of commedai in the twentieth century";
Geoff Beale and Howard Gayton: "The drive to communicate - the use of language in commedia dell'arte".

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