Software agents in support of human argument mapping

Buckingham Shum, S.; Sierhuis, M.; Park, J. and Brown, M. (2010). Software agents in support of human argument mapping. In: Computational Models of Argument: Proceedings of COMMA 2010 (Baroni, P.; Cerutti, F.; Giacomin, M. and Simari, G. R. eds.), Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications Series, IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 123–134.



This paper reports progress in realizing human-agent argumentation, which we argue will be part of future Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation (CSCA) tools. With a particular interest in argument mapping, we present two investigations demonstrating how a particular agent-oriented language and architecture can augment CSCA: (i) the use of the IBIS formalism enabling Brahms agents to simulate argumentation, and (ii) the extension of the Compendium tool by integrating it with Brahms agents tasked with detecting related discourse elsewhere.

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