Time resolved 2-D optical imaging of a pulsed unbalanced magnetron plasma

Bradley, J.W.; Clarke, G.C.B.; Braithwaite, N. St.J.; Bryant, P.M. and Kelly, P.J. (2006). Time resolved 2-D optical imaging of a pulsed unbalanced magnetron plasma. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 15(2) S44-S50.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/0963-0252/15/2/S06


Using wavelength filtered two dimensional (2-D) optical imaging, the temporal and spatial evolution of selected excited species in a pulsed magnetron discharge has been studied. A titanium target was sputtered at a pulse frequency of 100 kHz, in an argon atmosphere, at an operating pressure of 0.27 Pa. The radial information of the emissivity was determined using the Abel inversion technique. The results show strong excitation of the observed species above the racetrack in the on-time, and the possible development of an ion–acoustic wave, initiated after the off–on transition. The on–off transition is accompanied by a burst of light from the plasma bulk consistent with the transient plasma potential reaching about +200 V. During this phase, we argue that there is a release of secondary electrons from the grounded substrate and walls due to ion bombardment, as well as an increased confinement of energetic plasma electrons. The characteristic decay times of the selected transitions at 750.4, 751.5, 810.4 and 811.5 nm (ArI), present within the bandpass width of our filters, is briefly discussed in terms of the production of fast electrons in the system.

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