Manažer a jeho moci

Law, John (2000). Manažer a jeho moci. Biograf, 22



This is a piece of an organisational ethnography of the management of a large scientific laboratory. It is constructed as a social-science fiction. Thus the paper is based on real events and seeks to catch their spirit. However, in the way they are told they are composite and have been both simplified and dramatised; they are therefore not an accurate description of particular events, words, or people. It is argued that agents or subjects of power should be understand as networks of social and technical relations. Consequently, Andrew, the manager of a big laboratory, is presented not only as somebody who performs the organisation, but also, at the same time, as a creature of that organization. As its effect or moment. It can be said, more generally, that we are always made by or composed of multiple organisational logics. These logics, often inconsistent, imply multiple non-coherent responsibilities.

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