Semantic multimedia information analysis for retrieval applications

Magalhaes, Joao and Rüger, Stefan (2007). Semantic multimedia information analysis for retrieval applications. In: Zhang, Yu-Jin ed. Semantic-Based Visual Information Retrieval. Hershey: IRM Press.



Most of the research in multimedia retrieval applications has focused on retrieval by content or retrieval by example. Since the classical review by Smeulders, Worring, Santini, Gupta, and Jain (2000) a new interest has grown immensely in the multimedia information retrieval community: retrieval by semantics. This exciting new research area arises as a combination of multimedia understanding, information extraction, information retrieval and digital libraries. This chapter presents a comprehensive review of analysis algorithms to extract semantic information from multimedia content. We discuss statistical approaches to analyse images and video content and conclude with a discussion regarding the described methods.

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