Local entanglements or utopian moves: an inquiry into train accidents

Law, John and Mol, Annemarie (2002). Local entanglements or utopian moves: an inquiry into train accidents. In: Parker, Martin ed. Utopia and Organization. Sociological Review Monograph Series. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, pp. 82–105.

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About the book:
Are ideas about utopia redundant? Is there any point in speculating about better alternatives to Western liberalism? This volume addresses these questions, evaluating the prospects for utopian thought and practice in a world organized by market managerialism. The contributors to this book all treat utopia as an organizational matter. Rather than focusing on the literary, historical or political meaning of utopias, they see utopias as statements of alternative organization, attempts to put forward plans which remedy the shortcomings of a particular age. Using examples as diverse as train accidents, novels and gardening, they engage in a variety of novel and thought-provoking ways with issues of organization and disorganization, dystopia and crypto-utopia, management and anti-management.

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