British protestants and Europe, 1820–60: some perceptions and influences

Wolffe, John (2007). British protestants and Europe, 1820–60: some perceptions and influences. In: Bonney, Richard and Trim, D.J.B. eds. The Development of Pluralism in Modern Britain and France. Studies in the History of Religious and Political Pluralism (1). Oxford: Peter Lang, pp. 207–226.



About the book:
Europe is increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-faith, as well as multi-cultural. Western democracies now comprise a plurality of fundamental opinions and inherited cultures; it is not clear how (or if!) they can be related to each other without involving either oppression or anarchy. This debate requires historical understanding and a contemporary grasp of the points at issue amongst different cultures.
By virtue of their proximity and frequent historical interaction, Britain and France lend themselves to comparative study. The studies in this volume collectively demonstrate that the affairs of religious minorities in these two countries were not only of concern to themselves and their national established churches. Rather, over a long-term period, they had a sustained impact on many other issues.
All chapters illustrate the problematic shift from a persecutory to a pluralistic mentality.

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