On the design of systems-oriented university curricula

Jones, Jed; Bosch, Ockie; Drack, Manfred; Horiuchi, Yoshihide and Ramage, Magnus (2009). On the design of systems-oriented university curricula. The Research Reports of Shibaura Institute of Technology (Social Sciences and Humanities), 43(1) pp. 121–130.


This paper proposes a tool called the Systems Education Matrix (SEM) for use in informing the work of developers of systems-oriented curricula at colleges and universities around the world. The SEM was developed by Team 1 at the 2008 IFSR Fuschl Conversation held at Fuschl am See in Austria. In order to manage the complex problems we are dealing with today, systems thinking is essential. It is clear that systems education should be acknowledged as an important 'scientific method' that can help today's society to deal with the complexities of contemporary issues. To serve this role effectively, systems education needs to be focused towards the various needs that exist. The members of Team 1 have focused on the nature of systems education that will be required to not only train systems specialists, but to make systems thinking and analysis an integral part of discipline focused research and management.

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