Student Writing in Higher Education: New Contexts

Lea, Mary R. and Stierer, Barry eds. (2000). Student Writing in Higher Education: New Contexts. Milton Keynes, UK / Philadelphia, USA: Open University Press / Society for Research into Higher Education.


Student Writing in Higher Education is the first book to examine student writing in the context of major changes taking place in today's higher education. For example, students now come to higher education from an increasingly wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, to study in a number of diverse learning environments. Their courses often no longer reflect traditional academic subject boundaries, with their attendant values and norms. There is also an increasing recognition of the importance of lifelong learning, and the necessity for universities to adapt their provision to make it possible for learners to enter and return to higher education at different points in their lives.Against the background of these changes, this book brings together research carried out by practitioners in a number of international university contexts. Each of the chapters focuses on some aspect of 'new contexts' - either by examining the writing and assessment practices of non-traditional university courses and settings, or by exploring attempts to introduce innovative practices in traditional academic subjects. The authors concentrate specifically on the implications of research for the work of university teachers. The unifying theme of the volume is a view of writing as a contextualized social practice rather than merely a technical and transferable skill.This book is an important resource for all university teachers seeking to improve their teaching with regard to student writing, and is essential reading for all staff developers.

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