The lost continuation of Defoe's Roxana

Furbank, P. N. and Owens, W. R. (1997). The lost continuation of Defoe's Roxana. Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 9(3) pp. 229–308.


A discussion of the various continuations to Defoe's novel The Fortunate Mistress (usually referred to as Roxana), and especially the one printed in William Hazlitt the Younger's edition of Works of Daniel De Foe (1840). Hazlitt said that this continuation was one first printed in 1745, but in fact, as this article shows, was published in 1765. The complicated muddle stems from a chain of error going back to William Godwin. The article presents as an appendix a checklist of the seventeen eighteenth-century editions of Roxana, indicating which contained continuations.

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