Antichrist must be pulled down: Bunyan and the millennium

Owens, W. R. (1990). Antichrist must be pulled down: Bunyan and the millennium. In: Laurence, Anne; Owens, W. R. and Sim, Stuart eds. John Bunyan and his England 1628-1688. London: The Hambledon Press, pp. 77–104.



A study of John Bunyan's ideas about the millennium -- the period of a thousand years when the saints who make up the true church would reign on earth with Christ and the devil be bound in the bottomless pit. It argues that Bunyan's views changed. In early writings he seems to have expected the imminent return of Christ in person, but later on he believed that Christ would not return in person until the end of the thousand years of the church's glory, and that before the millennium began there would be a period of intense persecution before Antichrist was defeated.

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