Using theory

Smith, Mark (2005). Using theory. In: Andrews, Geoff and Saward, Michael eds. Living Political Ideas. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 121–152.


About the book: This introduction to political theory and ideology is vivid and full of contemporary resonance. This book shows that political ideas, theories, and ideologies 'live'. They live in two senses of the word-they change and adapt with the rhythms of political life and ordinary people live their consequences. This book explores key political ideas in depth-sifting them through historical and conceptual analysis, and a range of case materials. Chapters cover political legitimacy, nationalism and national self-determination, dissent and ideology, and social justice. Additionally, there is an extended reflection on the ideas of 'theory' and 'ideology'. Throughout the text, the emphasis is on accessibility to readers that are new to the subject.

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