Owens, W. R. and Furbank, P. N. eds. (2000). Dissent. Political and Economic Writings of Daniel Defoe, 3. London: Pickering and Chatto.

URL: http://www.pickeringchatto.com/major_works/the_pol...


A Letter to a Dissenter from his Friend at the Hague (1688); An Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters, in Cases of Preferment (1697); A New Test of the Church of England’s Loyalty (1702); An Enquiry into Occasional Conformity (1702); The Shortest Way with the Dissenters (1702); A Brief Explanation of a Late Pamphlet (1703); A Dialogue between the Observator and a Dissenter (1703); The Shortest Way to Peace and Union (1703); The Dissenters Answer to the High-Church Challenge (1704); A New Test of the Church of England’s Honesty (1704); The Dissenter Misrepresented and Represented (1704); From the Review (1705); ‘Preface’ to Delaune’s Plea for the Non-Conformists (1706); Wise as Serpents (1712); A Letter to the Dissenters (1713); The Weakest Go to the Wall (1714).

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