Health Service DL alerting: Users requirements and design

Buchanan, George; Adams, Anne; Jung, Doris and Hinze, Annika (2005). Health Service DL alerting: Users requirements and design. In: HDL 2005: Healthcare Digital Libraries Workshop held in conjunction with ECDL 2005, 22 Sep 2005, Vienna, Austria.



In the health domain, there are many circumstances where clinicians and patients wish to track changes in medical knowledge. However, existing ‘news’ or ‘alert’ services provide relatively limited means for selecting which information to receive. This results in clinicians and patients receiving information that is inappropriate, irrelevant or simply too voluminous.

In this paper, we detail alerting-relevant findings from several user studies incorporating both clinical staff (across several hospitals) and patients’ perceptions. These findings demonstrate the importance of context, both in terms of the user’s task and immediate environment. We introduce a novel alerting architecture that can provide a more finely tailored stream of alerts to the user, and provides further support to assist the interpretation of received material.

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